For me, art has been the most inspiring part of my childhood and grew up to be my commitment in life.
When I think of art I think of beauty.
Beauty is the mystery of life.
It is not in the eye; it is in the mind.
In our minds there is awareness of perfection.
Hands are the extension of the thinking process – the creative process.
Here, you can explore my journey through my paintings, my passion for photorealism and my ongoing effort to make this world a better place - through art!



  • The Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, UK                   

   BA (Honours) Fine Art: Painting & Printmaking           

  • Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, USA  

   Exchange student in Painting & Art Education                    


  • AON Global Headquarters, Leadenhall Building, London                             August 2017 - August 2018

  • The Glasgow School of Art Degree Show, Tontine Building, Glasgow                                        June 2017

  • Serving Suggestion, The Glue Factory, Glasgow                                                                         March 2016

  • Larnaca Art Festival, Galu Seaside, Larnaca, Cyprus                                                                      May 2015

  • 2 Years Licked Exhibition, Grace and Clark Fyfe Gallery, Glasgow                                             April 2015

  • Art Takes Miami, SeeMe Exhibition Centre, Miami, Florida                                             December 2014

  • In Media Res, Atelier Di Pittura, Larnaca, Cyprus                                                                         June 2014

  • Studio 31, Mackintosh Building, The Glasgow School of Art                                                February 2014

  • Year 7 Final Exhibition, Apothikes Gallery, Larnaca, Cyprus                                                        June 2013


  • AON Community Art Award 2017


This project explores the reality of the refugee situation on Lesvos. The works are inpired by the "Lifejacket Graveyard" - the field where all the lifejackets collected from refugees who arrive on the island are gathered. People who are desperate to escape war, pile their dreams in a landscape which is so sobering to walk through. Each vest represents a person, a soul, an individual pressed forward by fear and clinging to hope. Most survived the journey, many didn’t. The artwork is a shout out to the world for help to all those who are fighting for a better future. It is a stark portrait of the many refugees who crossed the Aegean Sea and a massive reminder of the resilience of the human spirit that stretches to the horizon.